September 19th, 2005


Hey, I am trying to create a system really similar to the userprop system, except that EVERYTHING is a userprop basically except for username. So everything is going well so far, except that I ran into a problem. I have aset of property handlers, each handler does whatever it needs to do with one or more properties associated with it. The problem is that the proptypeid is numeric and autoincrementing. I'm trying to automate everything as much as possible and creating the props manually and then going back to the code and hardcoding their ids seems pretty dumb. there has to be a better way. So now I am here, asking if anyone knows if there is a document detailing how userprops work in LJ. I already checked the docs, and CVS, but i found nothing in the docs and nothing apart form the multihomed prop document in CVS. anyone care to help me out, or point me in the right direction as far as code goes? I'm pretty sure if I saw some code I could figure it out, even though i'm no LJ expert. My other possibility is to user alphanumeric ids that are hardcoded, but this seems kind of lame for some reason.

comments or suggestions?