June 17th, 2005


Livejournal use with OpenID - Free accounts.

Hello. My name's Jacob. I've followed lj_dev for the past three months, just reading what others have to say. I've been watching the news unfold about OpenID and the work that has been put into it so far, and it has me truly exctied. The setup is genius and I wish you all the best with it.

In terms of Livejournal's use of OpenID, I have a question. Currently, you have people using "username.livejournal.com" as their basis to login on someone else's site. Since people would see that and assume that's the URL that the person is coming from, what would happen in the case of free accounts.

Also, I have seen sites which use a login scheme to access accounts like "user:password@site.com" is there anyway that an addition to the OpenID spec could be made that could let a user of an existing site use OpenID as "user@site.com" instead of using a URL?

Sorry if this seems like I'm being a pest. I'm just really curious about the specification as a whole.