April 6th, 2005

table user, user field, expansion


There is a need for my livejournal deployment to have the user field as large as 30 characters. not the default 15. I changed the table user and useridmap to reflect this.

I also changed some bml files (login.bml etc etc.. basically every page which had a field for user, changing maxlength=30)

Now i'm facing a problem when an insert is being done to the user table.
i dropped the database and created it again with the default values, but i still cannot insert.

is there anything i'm doing wrong?

adding ability to upload files..


in looking at livejournal, i'm impressed!! i'm also impressed that the basic underlying codebase is available to play with...

here's my question (and bear with me). is there any kind of architectural doc that goes through how the code is layed out? better yet, as we start ot dig into the code, is there someone (anyone!!) that we might email/talk to to more quickly get us in the right areas...

we're looking at being able to create a kind of hosted solution for a 'yahoo groups' type of application. in talking to brad, it appears that the basic structure to make this happen is in livejournal.