April 1st, 2005



I have tried to get help on lj_everywhere but no one seems to know how to fix this. So I ask here.

I am searching a way go get the $OTHER_VHOSTS feature that lets the users use their proper domain name with their journal work.

BUT, when I activate this, all the pages of my lj-site get
404-errors. I have searching in the archives of lj_everywhere and lj_dev
and I have seen several people getting the exactly same problem but who
didn't found any solution to this problem.

So, I have searched what is the part of the code that manage this and I
have found that it is /cgi-bin/Apache/LiveJournal.pm who manage this through this

I suppose there is a special modification to make this work? As LiveJournal use it without any problem?

Thanks to help me/us ^^

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Playing with XMLHttpRequest

New stuff coming soon to LiveJournals near you....


Maximize your browser to watch the demo.

I got sick of all the clicks and dead-ends required when managing comments in your journal, and I needed an excuse to use my newJavaScript skills to good use.

Some notes:
  • it works in IE, Safari, and Firefox.
  • it falls back to old behavior with an old browser or with JavaScript disabled
  • works with any S2 style w/ minor modications if you don't inherit some stuff from the core
  • any server-side error messages are propogated back to the user in alert boxes
  • the pauses in the demo are intentional so you can see the animations. (spinning hourglass during slow operation, or pulsating red delete box) usually it'll be near instant.
It'll probably be launched next week and only available when your beta test cookie is enabled.