February 6th, 2005

Dates appearing on s1 styles Bug

I have made a translation en_LOCAL that is working perfectly on my lj_site.
BUT, the dates that appear on the journals using S1 styles aren't translated. Even if they are translated in the en_LOCAL...
It seems the problem come only for the months. The days seems to be translated.
I have tried several things in the ljlang.pl file but it doesn't change anything at all.

So I am here to ask you for some help because I would like to have date translated on my lj_site.

After having made all these search, asking several people and testing it on livejournal.com itself, I arrive at the conclusion that it is a bug.

So if it is a bug, I suppose it will interrest you... And if it isn't, I hope you can tell me how to translate these dates...