January 18th, 2005

  • j4k0b

(no subject)

How does the S2 code cleaner work? I assume the content is piped through some program and stripped of malicious code, but how do you know which code is malicious? And where is that program located? I searched the CVS repos and the manual but couldn't find it. I'm interested in doing something similar with PHP.
  • evan

link relationships

Brad's already pledged support for Google's new initiative for preventing comment spam, but I thought I'd bring it to all of your attention.

Also, it occurs to me that the attribute might be useful to prevent userinfo spamming: if you put rel='nofollow' on all of my friendofs, then my userinfo page isn't giving them credit. (If they are my friends and deserve credit, I'll link to them as friends anyway.)

(I'm not speaking for my employer, just a friendly thought.)