January 13th, 2005

  • banana

E-mail forwarding

I have a support request open for a problem with e-mail forwarding. I'm not sure if/when/how it would come to the attention of delevopers, so this is a bug report. It's still happening. I can provide headers from a mis-directed message if anyone wants to see them.
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  • mart

XMPP PubSub on LiveJournal

Today I've been reading about XMPP PubSub and now have a general idea of how it works in my head. I'm still not entirely convinced that it's the best way to shift large volumes of entry data between the big sites, but I do think it'd be worthwhile to implement it anyway. The nice thing about XMPP PubSub is that we can implement it in two parts:

  • A companion to synsuck which can consume PubSub content (where the payload is an Atom feed) into type Y journals. This would presumably take the form of a special Jabber client daemon which handles the subscribing and then makes sure that the recieved items end up in the right journals on the site.
  • A component which publishes posted journal content from all journals. I'm still not sure of the best approach for this yet, but whatever happens it should only be called on to publish entries for which there are active subscriptions (or else it'll get really behind on LiveJournal.com). I'm currently a little confused about who is responsible for distributing the message to the various servers where there are subscribed clients, though. This component would serve a similar purpose to the /data/atom output, but without all the polling.

The PubSub consumer seems like a good place to start, assuming there are actually data sources we can subscribe to for testing. It looks like the PubSub.com feeds aren't suitable because the client must connect directly to their server to do it, and they only serve up their own feeds. If I'm understanding correctly, the pubsub consumer daemon will need to have an account on a Jabber server through which it sends and recieves messages. LiveJournal.com has the resources to run its own Jabber server quite easily, and others who don't want to run their own could presumably just use an account on jabber.org or whatever, so this doesn't exclude anyone.

If anyone wants to add anything or correct me, please go right ahead…

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  • jproulx

Anonymous comment spam

There's a new patch in CVS that disables all links in comments from anonymous posters: URLs from links will be displayed adjacent to the link text, and bare URLs won't automatically transform into links.

The motivation behind this is to further curb efforts from spammers that are just trying to up their clickthrough ad traffic and search engine rankings.

This is only the first part -- we'll soon add a new talkprop that "acknowledges" an anonymous comment, triggered either by unscreening the comment (if it was screened) or replying to it. Acknowledged anonymous comments will then show the links as intended.

It's not live yet because we want to gauge your initial reactions -- if we need to we can add a per-user option to turn this off, but we hope that's not necessary.