October 2nd, 2004

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Community Rename Security

With the resolution of Zilla Bug #593 and the subsequent disabling of community logins, communities are no longer able to use rename tokens, since that page requires the target user to be logged in. A user complained about this one day because they were able to purchase a rename token for their community, but then had no way to use it.

2 solutions:
1) Disable purchasing of rename tokens for communities (lame)
2) Add authas support to /htdocs/rename/use.bml (good)

The problem comes when we decide what the policy should be for using #2. Who should be allowed? Any maintainer? Only the original user? Some other criteria?

We've been discussing this internally for a few days now and the basic consensus is that any community maintainer should be able to do the rename... and the responsibility will be on communities to only have maintainers that should actually have full admin access to the community. Obviously the decision made here will eventually have repurcussions throughout the rest of the site, as we run into this problem in other places... so I wanted to make sure this was well thought-out.

All of the staff members seem to agree that allowing any maintainer is the right thing to do, but I just wanted to get some input from everyone to see if they have strong objections or better suggestions. Thoughts?
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Community Membership Data

Hey all, I'm working on doing some research with LJ community membership data. For communities with 1000+ members, FOAF data is incomplete and the Community Info page has a link to the directory, which I know is generally off-limits for scraping (not that I'd want to write the code to scape it anyway). Anyone have any suggestions for how I can get the full list of community members?

Also, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to get 'member of' data w/o scaping User/Community Info pages... That data's not in FOAF or in the Friend-Data (fdata.bml) outputs. Do I just scrape the info page, or am I overlooking something?

Thanks much.