July 12th, 2004

More stupid patents

We should keep a running list somewhere of the all patents we're knowingly "violating"!

Oracle sucks for another reason:

Patent 6,745,238 was awarded to Oracle in June; it is titled "self service system for web site publishing." "The web site system permits a site administrator to construct the overall structure, design and style of the web site. This allows for a comprehensive design as well as a common look and feel for the web site. The web site system permits content for the web site to originate from multiple content contributors. The publication of content is controlled by content owners. This permits assignment of content control to those persons familiar with the content." This patent was filed in March, 2000; prior art should, one would think, be relatively easy to find.
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It might be worth keeping an eye on TypeKey to see if it can be used to allow authenticated comments from non-LiveJournal users later on. I'm a bit wary of using a centralised service like this, but if it becomes popular with weblog users other than those with MovableType it might be good to offer it as an alternative to other login systems that have been discussed in this community in the past.

They're keeping quiet about how it works for now, although I've seen it in use on a few different weblogs recently, so it appears that the service is active.

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Dedicated server(s)

Have you (livejournal.com) ever considered setting up a database/web server just for bots? Most bots don't have the same performance requirements that a real user would need, and the timeliness of the data isn't very important either (1 day old friends list is fine for most bots, IMO).

There seems to be a growing collection of would-be projects that could benefit from it. You could even offer web hosting (to paid developers?) with direct (although read-only) access to various data. Maybe even have a donation-based feature where regular users could support their favorite memes.

It could have a latent replica of the production database all in one spot, so that queries didn't span multiple clusters. I suspect that there would be throttling to prevent overly popular projects from taking up too many cycles. MySQL and Apache support all of this with a minimum of configuration.

I realize that a lot of effort and consideration have gone into the various public interfaces, but server-side web apps could reside in your own data center. Thus, reducing much of the resource consumption that you're talking about. I might be oversimplifying this, but it seems that users really like memes and would appreciate the added features such an arrangement could provide.

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