April 28th, 2004

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I originally submitted this to suggestions, but it was suggested that I submit my idea for discussion here, as the tool I'm talking about has not yet been programmed. I haven't formally introduced myself, but my name is Tali and I've been doing support for around 8 months and have been doing work in the userdoc community for about 5 months.

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Looks like all scripting is turned off on Livejournal? I put together a PHP script that I wanted to use for emoticons - just type <?php include("http://..."); emote("=)"); ?> instead of <img src = "http://..." alt = "=)" title = "=)" /> every time I want to insert a smile.

From my attempt to post in my own journal, it seems that the noble and entirely worthwhile goal of security has preempted my efforts of convenience. Any way to access a script like this (in any language, really)? Or is it just too risky.
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*pulls hair out*

Im trying to get a totally diffrent navigation system for my theme, so I went to global.look, and I need to insert 2 diffrent javascripts. One for members who are logged in - the other for guests. Everytime I insert the code, I get an error message.

#line 3
@sidebar =
******Can the first javascript code go here?******

my $remote = LJ::get_remote();
my $remuser = $remote ? $remote->{'user'} : "";
my $uri = BML::get_uri();
if ($remuser ne "" && $uri ne "/logout.bml")
my $subdomain = $remuser;
$subdomain =~ s/_/-/g;
unshift @sidebar, { 'name' => ******Can my second javascript go here?******

Im a bml newbie, any ideas?