March 29th, 2004

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Looking for feedback on PGP gateway

Greetings. I'm doing research on the usability of secure email systems as part of my PhD research on the topic of computer security and usability. Is it possible for me to find out who developed the LiveJournal PGP gateway and what the experience has been with it? I'm particularly interested in finding out:

  • if the feature is widely used
  • what sort of problems users have had with it
  • What sort of technical support questions are generally asked asked.

And, perhaps most importantly:

  • How has the system been modified over time to make it more user-friendly?

    If anybody wants to reply here or email me directly, I'd be most appreciative!

    Also, if any LJ Developer has feelings or a philosophy on how to integrate usability and security, I'm very interested in hearing it. Thanks!

  • (no subject)

    I just attempted to post from the html form in a comment notification, and it failed, saying:
    Comment not posted: POST required, or missing parameter.

    The reason problably is that I now use outlook to read mail (like before), but have my default browser set to mozilla (moz 1.6, on Win XP).
    Before, on win 98, the same situation still resulted in IE being used for submitting the form, now that has become mozilla. I suppose XP takes the default browser into account more than before?

    Has anyone ever seen this, can anyone reproduce, or is this already known perhaps?