March 22nd, 2004

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  • mart

diff with new files

Can anyone remember offhand the switch for cvs diff to make it include new files in the diff as well as changes to existing files? I thought it was N, and the cvs diff usage says something vaugue which seems to confirm it, but including -N seems to just produce the same output as not including it…

  • resle


I am quite new to the development of tools for LJ so please forgive me if this has been asked more than once...

I can easily handshake and post a new event, yet I can't see a way to handle the "Reply" mode. How do you post a reply, a comment to someone's entry?



Introduction and Questions

We're asked to introduce ourselves when we join the community, so here goes:

I've been developing Web application for many years, most recently (for the last 5 years) as a Partner and CIO of a small Web design company, Manx Web Solutions. We're investigating the possibilities of using LJ to implement a certain project for a client of ours, so here I am.

I have 2 questions right off the bat, which may stave off the onslaught of questions I'm sure to have soon:

  1. Is the ljcom source tree available for public use, or just the livejournal tree?

  2. Is there a FAQ for this community somewhere?

Thanks in advance.