March 5th, 2004

Anyone from the San Francisco Bay Area?

Hello all, I am a new member and would like to meet LJ developers in the Bay Area. I live in Saratoga.

My specialty is Search -- I was CTO and principal author of Infoseek/Ultraseek, which was highly regarded until Disney bought the company and killed it (RIP). Ultraseek passed through the hands of Inktomi (as Enterprise Search, as in Big Billboard on 101) and now belongs to Verity.

I'm designing a community web site (of a different purpose than LJ) and seriously considering the LJ platform. Of course, I will need lots of help!

(I don't know if this "solicitation for help" violates a rule or not -- if so I sincerely apologize.) If someone knows someone I ought to talk to, please let me know.

-- William
  • thoth

RSS-formatted friends page


About 6 months ago I brought up the possibility of a template that would render your friends page as an RSS feed, meaning I could check my friends' posts through an aggregator. Having looked through code, it seemed fairly easy to do. However at the time it was suggested (by Brad? I forget) that it was a bad time, since the migration to the new templating system was still in progress.

Is that still the case? Is now an appropriate time to add that feature? If so, I'd be happy to write the patch myself, though I can promise the first version will look ignorant.