February 24th, 2004

  • mannu

Typable Move 2.0

Announcing Typable Move 2.0, a second version of my Movable Type-compatible S2 layout. This one includes support for EntryPage and ReplyPage. Feel free to use and modify to suit your needs. Just leave a comment here if you're using it, so I can feel encouraged to continue working on it.

You may also want to use my stylesheet as a reference, but if you copy it, please note that it's a modified version of the TypePad Thin style that I obtained from Movable Style (so check the license et al).

This is how it looks.

The way it is now, it doesn't meet LiveJournal's layout coding standards. There are things that I've thought of doing--for example, adding support fot i18n. But there are other things that I don't want to do: for example, letting the user specify colours, fonts, or any style information. That's supposed to be part of the Movable Type-compatible stylesheet that the user is linking to.

The whole point of developing this layout is so that users can reuse the many styles available for Movable Type from the original developers of the software as well as third-party sources.

I hope to get this into the default list of LJ layouts sometime (at least those available to paid users). If some of the folks closely involved in the development of LJ can help, great!

PS: Instructions for use:

1. Download the source.
2. Create a new S2 layer of type "Layout". Paste the contents of the downloaded source file into the text box. Compile.
3. Go to the Customization page and select Typable Move as your layout.
4. Click "Edit Customizations". Here, enter the URL of your Movable Type stylesheet. You can obtain the default stylesheets on the movabletype.org website (under one of their licenses).


Mass reading of FOAF data?

evan notes in lj_research that FOAF data is now available for all users.

Is there an acceptable use policy for this data? I'd like to make my trustmetrics stuff available again, and I could do it with this data, but it reads friends data for many users (thousands every day, even when data is cached for 24 hours) and I don't want to cause too heavy a load on LJ's servers. Is all the data it serves now drawn from memcached? That seems to be the key question that determines whether the cost is acceptable.

Of course the long term plan is to use the LiveJournal Data Protocol, but this will do as a stopgap until that's available.


Perl 5.8 and LiveJournal

I think we might take the plunge and switch to Perl 5.8 for LiveJournal.com. The scary bit is all the Unicode changes, and all the things Perl and Perl modules on 5.8 try to do behind your back with respect to UTF-8 and such.

Now, I know a lot of the other LJ-based sites are using Perl 5.8, so... Any problems, particularly with international characters? Any weird bugs that you've reported and nobody's fixed?

Most of us use Perl 5.8 for our dev machines (except me) but we all test with ASCII text generally, so we're not very likely to see problems.

BTW, the reason we're thinking of moving to Perl 5.8 is because all the Perl profiling stuff runs much more reliably than in 5.6 (where it tends to segfault all the time) and because Debian sarge and the rest of the world are using 5.8, and because we can then use more of Perl's native Unicode stuff, eventually making it a requirement.