February 13th, 2004

New Beginnings

Thanks for the improvements....

I've been playing around with the "image placeholder" feature and was just wondering if this was a bug or just something still in development.

I've set images greater then 640x480 to be replaced by the placeholders, but clearly, much smaller pictures that I'd like to just view inline are getting replaced as well.


Thanks for the general improvements that have been coming in lately.
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New Beginnings

More on Placeholders

According to khalidz0r Images that do not have height and length defined are automatically placeholded.

Certainly, education might help some of the problem, but it occurs to me that most people put their pictures in through clients such as Semagic, Visions, etc...

As such, could we perhaps encourage the developers of such clients to add a feature that would determine and insert the proper height and length parameters for a default picture scaled to 100% by default?

What I mean is, if the the client sees an image tag with no height or width attributes defined whatsoever, perhaps it can insert these attributes in ala Office typo correction?
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