February 11th, 2004


changing schema

Hi I'm a new face here (with a problem)

i'm not sure whether this is the right place to post this but here goes..
if i'd wanted to change scheme, let's say when somebody changes page (for example goes to login page from index page), what would be the easiest and right way to do that?

Thanks for your time!!

Zilla Privs

Is there a policy on who gets privs for zilla? I know that I got them a while back because I started working in development, but that was at a time when there weren't nearly as many people using Zilla (right around bug 500). Is there any policy on when these privs are given out?

For support volunteer types, in the past, I've just gone through rahaeli, but if there's specific requirements to meet first, it'd be cool to know. One of the things about having no "administration" over volunteer developers is we don't know these kind of things.

unicode characters display problem

eeeep!!! Help!

I run a livejournal based site in Latvia: http://journal.bad.lv/

Last night something happened on my server, and now lots of user entries are displayed as unicode strings, instead of showing correct national characters! It looks almost like the good UTF8 strings have been run through UTF8 convertor again, effectively escaping all the multi-byte utf8 characters... for example what should look like "Товарищ, знай - пройдет она И демократия и гласность," may become "Товарищ, знай - пройдет она И демократия и гласность,"

Weird thing is, it does not happen for all users, and does not happen in all views. For example, LASTN view may be messed up, but if you open the individual entry (in comment mode) everything is OK again. And friends can see your entry allright on their friend pages.

Here's some links:
http://journal.bad.lv/~agressor/ - Lastn view bad, but his entries look OK through friends pages (http://journal.bad.lv/users/actionman/friends)

http://journal.bad.lv/users/trz/ - both Lastn and Friends pages text is messed up, but if you visit individual entry (http://journal.bad.lv/users/trz/120705.html) it looks OK.

I don't know if it's S2 or style related at all, but one user switched his S2 style and his friends view fixed itself.

I know [agressor]'s problem is not related to style at all - I tried switching his journal to S2 and to different S1 style, but it did not help.

I verified that in USER table their "oldenc" pref is not set to some encoding (I am talking about these 2 users, but there are number of others also affected).

I don't recall any code changes that went live yesterday that would break this. Currently I suspect some subversive DB corruption may be causing this (or some subversive user setting??).

Again, the entry text in database is fine, because it displays OK on most views. I must figure out why it becomes garbled on few other views.

So... maybe you have any pointers where I should look first?

Comment Limiting

A new feature has been proposed, but the concensus around the office is that we want the concensus of the community before we actually implement it. We're thinking UI here--placement, look, feel, making it intuitive for the user.

The feature is the ability to set a time limit on comments. For example, you can specify in your userinfo that you want all of your posts to only allow comments for a week. Perhaps you don't like getting comment emails and you don't want to lose any comments, so you only check your most recent posts and are sure to never get comments way back in your journal. Perhaps you've got a community full of "24 hour proposals" and you don't want comments trickling in days after things have been decided. (Heh.)

Anyway, it seems like we're going to make this a per-user property, not a per-entry property. We want to give users the ability to disable it on a particular entry, though. For example, you could say "limit comments to 48 hours from post time" and then on a particular entry you have the options:

Disable comments entirely
Enable comments per timeframe option
Enable comments ignoring timeframe (unlimited comment times)

We've considered allowing this to be on a post by post basis, too, but the UI is throwing us for a loop. There are already a lot of optional post settings--overloading disallow comments to be three items and then making a time entry field (if we go that route) seems to make things far too big and cluttered.

UI people, what do you think? Should this be a userprop or a logprop, and either way, how should it be represented so as not to confuse people?