January 3rd, 2004

  • legolas

missing string

I think I noticed a missing string: when clicking on the 'modify yours' link for interests in someones profile, while NOT logged in, an error page appears. However, it says:

One or more errors occured processing your request. Please go back, correct the necessary information, and submit your data again.

(this part is non-translatable btw...) and then shows the error, which in this case is just:

using uselang=debug, I can see that this is a translatable string, .error.loginfirst but I don't see that string (nor /interests.bml.error.loginfirst) in the translation interface. A do see a /interests.bml.error.enmasse.mustlogin string however (and also /community/join.bml.label.loginfirst but that is probably irrelevant).

On top of that I just see that the spellchecker corrects the 'occured' in the "Error ..." part to occurred?