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December 12th, 2003

Bug/Issue with E-Mail Posting? [Dec. 12th, 2003|01:49 pm]
LiveJournal Development


[mood |curiouscurious]

I don't know if this is a known issue, or I've somehow managed to screw something up, but it appears that PGP/GPG signed e-mails (user+pgp@post.livejournal.com) that are sent as journal entry submissions aren't being processed.

My mail server shows that the e-mail was successfully accepted. But nothing displays in my journal. Sending an identical e-mail using the 'PIN' authentication (user+PIN@post.livejournal.com) works without issue, and the journal entry displayed within a few moments.

The PGP signed post was tried twice, without success. And it was working great for me in the past, as recently as 'Wed, 10 Dec 2003 21:00:25 -0600' (my last e-mail post that was PGP signed and went through). I've verified that my last successful PGP signed post e-mail was sent to the same e-mail address and signed with the same key as the recent failed PGP signed post e-mail.

Thanks for your time. If anyone needs any additional information from me on this, just let me know.
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Captcha Setup [Dec. 12th, 2003|02:45 pm]
LiveJournal Development


I went to test the Captcha stuff on my Test Server and I get the following:
[lj@omega lj]$ bin/ljmaint.pl gen_audio_captchas gen_image_captchas
Running task 'gen_audio_captchas':
-I- Generating new audio captchas...
Current count is 0 of 500...generating 500 new audio challenges.
Generating audio 0...ERROR> task gen_audio_captchas died: Couldn't
invoke festival at /home/lj/cgi-bin/LJ/Captcha.pm line 242.
Running task 'gen_image_captchas':
-I- Generating new image captchas...
Current count is 0 of 1000...generating 1000 new image challenges.
ERROR> task gen_image_captchas died: Couldn't find user system's blob_clusterid
Generating image 0...inserting (code = rz8yzqz)...uploading (capid = 2, anum = 46539)...
Now the first error I understand, and I can see why the second one is there. The only think I can't work out is how you actually set blob_clusterid? Am I missing something?
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