November 26th, 2003

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Incoming developer ;-)

I'm looking forward to spend a part of my free time for LJ development. Something about me:
14 years of C, 12 years of C++, Java/JSP (Tomcat), Perl, PHP, Asm, Forth, Prolog, C#, ....
MySQL, NSK SQL/MP, MS SQL, Postgress.
Design, planning and development.
OSes (administration and development): *BSD, Linux, Solaris, Windows (All of them), etc...
More data available at
Feel free to contact me.
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Just out of curiousity, this is more a Livejournal question than a LJ code question:

How much load can the server handle...? Rather, can the servers handle an intense directed blast of comments from, say, a communities members (dozens or hundreds of comments per minute)

How are such loads handled?

Has the Livejournal server been pushed through any type of load simulation to examine such things?