October 31st, 2003

  • timwi


Drats, I should have posted this yesterday, but I forgot.

I have updated my permissions.bml file and related patch.

I have this stuff running on my GoatHack just now, so I would like to ask all developers to come and test everything for me, please! Comment here with all bugreports.

The particular page in question is http://goathack.livejournal.org:8038/manage/permissions.bml (notice that there does not yet exist any link to it except when you delete a comment :) ). Please create accounts, test everything on this page, test if it all works and does everything as expected, and try to break it as much as possible. Please also test http://goathack.livejournal.org:8038/editinfo.bml because some options that are now on permissions.bml have been removed from there.

Thank you!
  • alexmc

Specification Document

Is there a document which describes the features of LiveJournal - ie what you might call a specification document if we were doing traditional software design :-)

The reason is that I am looking to do some small modifications to LJ code for my planned LJ installation. It would be a good idea to have a document with the reference point onto which the modifications could be applied.

(Yes I have googled for it - and I couldn't see one in CVS when I last looked some time ago)


Alex Mc