October 29th, 2003


Bug in code

I updated from cvs at about 2:30 PM and suddenly www.insanejournal.com starting giving a 404 while insanejournal.com was working fine, thankfully I backed up the old source before updating. I wasnt able to detect this on my test server because of the way it is set up (I cant test www.DOMAIN vs. DOMAIN). Does anyone have a test server that can test this out and help debug what is going on? Or at least see if this issue is just local to me?

I will try to figure out a way to test this on my own as well.

(no subject)

hey all...just joined, mainly because the support people told me to post my problem here. i'm not entirely sure why.

i recently wrote an aimbot that, when i'm online, uses checkfriends to im me when my friends page updates (this done in perl using Net::AIM and IO::Socket). until a few days ago, the thing was working fine. now, though, about a third of the time, after i send my POST lj either doesn't respond or sends an empty string (i'm not sure which, but i think it just doesn't respond). there's no consistent pattern to this, and it does work fine a majority of the time. i made no code changes that were related to this in my own code.

i've been seeing the posts about recent code changes, and this one in status convinced me that there might be some sort of issue with the changes they made to checkfriends...of course, that post also said to file a support request, and like i said, the support people told me to bring the problem here.

i also posted a comment to one of the lj_maintenance posts asking for bug report comments, but so far, no one's gotten back to me about that.

any ideas, anyone?
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