October 20th, 2003

Not to be overly critical...

But, I'm beginning to see what my friends said about complexity. Here are a few examples:

Take the LJ_dev community. When I come to the home page, I have to click on the "User" link of the first item to see the most recent posts. Then, when on the most recent posts page, there's no place to post a new item. I have to go someplace where the Live Journal Menu is displayed at the top and then go to the Journal / Update menu. But, if I am not logged on, I won't see the dialog box that allows me to post to the LJ_dev community instead of to my own journal.

(I'm really not trying to be critical here. But, I need to setup a blogging community and ease of use is extremely important.)

In the documentation, it says that any paid member can do a poll in their own journal or in any community to which they belong. But, I haven't been able to figure out how to post a poll.

The reason I keep pressing these issues is because LJ seems to be a solid system with an active developer community. And, I haven't found another similar community except for Roller (http://www.rollerweblogger.org/page/project), which is a Java system. I can support Java, but am not sure that I want to...

I'll ask this again (it was buried in a comment from a previous post):

I'm still interested in how much of LiveJournal.com is in the base install. Perhaps, you could refer me to some other communities using LJ so that I can see whether they are using the same feature set. I'm happy to report back to this group if anyone has interest in what I find out. (So, if you would like me to do the research and know of some LJ sites I should look at, please let me know :-) !

This does bring up an interesting point: How many of you are running your own LJ sites as opposed to writing hacks and enhancements to be used at LJ.com?


I've been looking forward to Trackback appearing for a while. Apparently there's code available for this, so I'm wondering if there's a plan to bring this in, or if it's too much of a strain on the servers to implement it at the moment?

Post by email

I'd like to whip out post-by-email support, including attached images from camera phones. (we have our NetApp now, so it's time to start wasting disk and bandwidth for fun...)

I don't have a fancy phone, and I definitely don't have a dozen fancy phones, so I'm not the best person to guess how email is implemented on them.

I don't want to make people re-type a huge authentication blurb everytime in their body, so I'm thinking the auth should be in the email address, which presumably you can add to your address books?

The LJ password won't be part of this auth. If you want to post by phone, you'll have to setup a special PIN for it that's good for nothing but posting. (assume it'll be compromised somehow... people will look at your cellphone address book)

I'm thinking of form:



No security options, at least initially. Everything is public, unless you've set newpost_minsecurity.

What about subjects? Do phones support those? Mine only allows emailing as a type of text message, and I don't have subjects on text messages.

Do we let subjects be faked if there's no native support?

This leads to possibly doing auth in subject/body. Perhaps auth could be optional in the email address username, and if the first number in the subject/body matches your PIN, then it's removed and the post is allowed. People could choose their level of security vs. convenience. (not that access to the PIN buys an attacker much.... temporary spam in a person's journal, until the owner changes their PIN)