October 10th, 2003

moose, transparent
  • avva

journal backup/export

A few hours ago we held an irc brainstorming session on the subject of journal backup, journal export, and syncitems protocol mode (which was recently disabled temporarily). We came up with a plan which will hopefully soon lead to the creation of a new system to be used for both backup and user-initiated export of journals (including entries and comments).

The complete log of the irc session is available for your reading pleasure; below is a quick summary of what we agreed upon, for now. Feedback is invited. Questions are welcome.

Generally, we're going to start storing copies of journals, for backup and export purposes, in standalone files, one file per user/account/journal. The file will contain the copy of the journal in a light database format (DBM, possibly Berkeley DB or a similar format — to be determined). It will certainly contain all the entries posted in that journal and all the comments to all of them; possibly, it'll also contain miscellaneous data from the userinfo page, etc.

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