August 30th, 2003

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AOL and comment radio buttons?

Okay, I haven't see this appear anywhere else yet, and I don't think it's really zilla-appropriate, so I'll point this out here.

We've been getting quite a lot of support requests with respect to AOL users not being able to comment on people's journals. Simply put, the radio buttons that allow you to select "Anonymous", "This user", or "another user" do not appear to a lot of users on AOL.

For reference, some links:
Request 150575
Request 150494
Request 150398
Request 150384

This last one doesn't have an AOL e-mail address, but they very well could be using AOL + some crappy webmail.
I decided to bring this up here rather than zilla as you guys might have some knowledge of some AOL workaround code that was written in the past, that's now been broken by something either LiveJournal or AOL has done.

Update: rahaeli has said she's dealing with it, as far as gathering browser/OS info from users and going to zilla it. I'll prod her until she does. :)
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