August 15th, 2003

  • evan

er... status

I've been really slacking on the status updates. At first it was because of the move, where we spent a lot of time assembling furniture, but now I don't really have an excuse anymore.

We now have a real office, complete with desks and coffee and stuff. The office server is good ol' Cartman, one of the machines Brad bought with the first bit of money back when LJ started taking money. (Back then, the plan was to have a few powerful servers. Cartman is a good machine but it's something like 6U. We now run most of the site on weaker, but smaller computers: 6 1U machines will do better.)

We've all been doing a bit of work on memcached, which is rapidly gaining popularity; it's used by Slashdot, I wrote Python bindings so Sourceforge could use it. Whitaker just added compression support to the Perl client and that's running on lj_test.

Whitaker's been working on clustering S1 style data. Those tables are really super-old, from the earliest parts of the site; some were keyed on username and not userid(!). When he's distracted he's been committing smaller patches from Bugzilla.

I'm supposed to be working on this blob storage backend, but I keep getting sidetracked into smaller projects: most recently, updating the latest posts views to include full journal text.

Lisa was down here for a few days and she and Brad did a bunch of site administration stuff. (Sorry I can't be more specific: Whitaker and I don't really ever touch the live site, we only work on the code, so we often don't know what's going on there.) We also hired b0rked, who'll be doing related sysadmin stuff with Lisa in Seattle.