July 29th, 2003

  • sorhed

RSS issues

Hi there, fellow developers! My name is Alexander Temerev; I just have joined this community to discuss some issues regarding RSS feeds in LJ (you can even treat me as an RSS evangelist, if you wish so <g>). I am a Java and Perl developer from Russia.

The first thing I would like to ask - why there are still no default RSS view for friends page? I know that there are some pretty style hacks to implement this feature... but those are poorly documented and available only for paid accounts. "Another reason to switch to paid account", you say. Well, yes, but viewing friends' posts as RSS would dramatically reduce database and web load, isn't it? It's a common reason to fetch only the sensible things - RSS feed, I mean.

Also, there are some conflicts with RSS writing recommendations in LJ RSS feeds. It's recommended to strip out all HTML markup (and maybe LJ-specific tags) from RSS feeds, for letting RSS aggregators know what to do. Have you any comments on this?

And there will be a nice feature to support rssCloud service from RSS 2.0 specification, but there are some very important issues to solve before starting implementation (I propose that there should be a single cloud for EVERY LJ user and community, which contains user's friends and community members). There are so much to do... Currently I'm developing reference rssCloud server in Java, and I'm very impressed on the possibilities. What plans does LJ developers have on continuing RSS integration?
  • evan


Brad made the memcached clients packaged separately from the daemon, admin work with Lisa, reviewed Whitaker’s link stuff, answered a bunch of questions from me, and email.

Whitaker fixed a bug in his patch to bring back community interest search, worked on the S2 end of the link-list feature (including implementing it in the stock S2 styles), and also did some dbs removal.

I touched up the Atom work, read a bunch more of the Wiki, and discussed Atom-related issues with some of the people steering it, then returned to the new project.

siteopts.bml not allowing me to change settings

Whenever I use the new siteopts.bml (setscheme.bml or setlang.bml) automatically redirect me over there now, it will not allow me to change my site prefrences. I dont know if this is a browser or a code issue. This problem only seems to exist in Mozilla, I am assuming that is has something to do with they way Mozilla handles these cookies.

I will look into it myself, but it would be a great help if I could get some help with this issue.


After looking into this more. siteopts.bml does not appear to be updating userproplite2 with the selected schemepref either.