July 24th, 2003

  • evan


We stopped by the new office, which I had never seen before. We move in next week, hopefully.

Whitaker picked me up from the train station because I ran over a nail. He started reviewing the userpic addon code with Brad and they made it halfway through. He also merged setlang and setscheme into a new page, which will be linked from all the common site schemes.

I continued work on a new generic blob storage backend, which led to beginning work on clustering userpics. (The blob system will support more than just userpics in the future, but that’s Top Secret.) To better support external sites posting to LiveJournal (including software using the Blogger protocol), I worked on a hack to guess at people’s timezones when they post undated entries.

Brad spent a bunch of time on the phone and working with me on the userpic stuff. He’s also trying to pull stuff together for the office, getting internet access. He also stayed up late working on the user moving, the RAID controller swap with Lisa, a userpicblob2 fixing script, and the new friends view algorithm, and playing with Asterisk. If anyone’s experienced with that software, contact bradfitz, as he’s got a contract project for you.