July 21st, 2003


dumpsql.pl and S1 Styles

Earlier today, when I was writing the patch for Bug #1176 I encountered an oddity in bin/dumpsql.pl. As described in my attachment comment, I updated from CVS and updated the Database as per usual. Then I logged in as the system account to change a couple of things in a style then went back to my shell prompt and ran bin/dumpsql.pl. I then ran bin/cvsreport.pl -d bin/upgrading/s1styles.dat to produce the diff.

However, there seemed to be a lot of "noise" in the patch that involved moving stuff about that I hadn't changed. I seem to remember this was also happening with SQL files dumped from bin/dumpsql.pl at one point.

Is this just me or can someone else confirm this with their LiveJournal Dev Environment?

slashdot and memcached

BTW, Slashdot is now running LJ's memcached. They're not using it for everything yet (neither are we: it takes time to port the app), but they're using it to cache rendered comments already.

Also, dormando is working for a client who wants to use it. Exciting stuff.

Anyway, the big LJ speed improvement will come when the new friends view algorithm goes live that uses memcache.
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status (vague)

Today: same projects as before, but now that some are complete, we put new code live around noon. A bit of putting out fires after that and a bit of fixing up stuff in response to feedback we got.
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2 bugs:checked box polls & "user name" sort in Directory search

I think I found a bug:

Whan you make a poll that contains only 1 question with checked boxes, like here. The percentage are given on the number of people who have voted clicking at least one box. This is obviously wrong, and should be on the total number of people who have voted. If I haven't asked I would have wrongly assumed that only few people had voted and that they have all read the first book.

Oh, also the Directory Search if the sorting method is "User Name" no result is ever found. But I suppose this is a well known problem.

If this is not the right place to say about those bugs, could someone please point me to the right place? There is no lj_bug that I know of.