July 15th, 2003

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  • xb95

BML Block Types

Given that Plogs.net is working on allowing users who purchase the option to have access to change the site scheme (i.e. actually edit it), I've been working on creating a scheme editor utility. It's coming along well, but I've run into an issue about BML block types. They have lots of little letters, and I can figure out what a few mean, but the comments in BML.pm are few enough that I can't figure out what a few of them do.

Here's my list, and what I've discovered about each. Feedback would be appreciated, so I know what options to give users and can write the appropriate documentation. Thanks!

D - Data block, %%data%%
This seems to be the default. If nothing else is specified, it defaults to doing this. Everything passed to the tag is spat out as %%data%%.

F - Full, requires subdeclarations (useful for PAGE)
This element can have subelements defined. (Well, it seems like it's required to have subelements defined.) This is the PAGE variable, I haven't really found any other use for it. Pipe Blocks work fine for me and are less of a pain to actually use.

P - Pipe, %%data1%%, %%data2%%, etc
This sort of block lets you pass multiple parameters separated by the pipe ("|") character. Fairly self-explanatory, and pretty useful.

R - Flag wants variable interpolation, but no expansion
I have no idea. This seems like it'd allow %%foo%% to be interpolated, but what's expansion? I don't understand the BML difference. (Is expansion the recursion of other BML tags?)

S - No variables or BML tags
Static. It gets returned as is without any parsing.

p - Pre-parsing of elements, used if you want _CODE but not AllowCode
No clue.

s - Static? Maybe?
No clue.
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Fitz is still in Seattle, working with Lisa on the new cluster and moving users. (more)

Whit spent pretty much all day on more banning work, I think. The new feature is pretty powerful but rather complicated, especially to test. He also showed me stuff like how to commit translation strings and how to add the switch-user dropdown, both of which I needed below.

I changed the userpic store format, moved duplicate protection into memcache, added a “syndication cost” field to the userinfo of syndicated accounts, and tweaked HTML emails in anticipation of the code going live soon (tomorrow?).

If anyone has Zilla stuff they want me to look at, email me. You can check my current bugs to see what I’m looking at in Zilla; I spent the end of the day working on the one currently on top.