July 10th, 2003

  • evan

free text autoformatting

When you have a textarea (multiline text box) in an S2 customization page, how should it behave with respect to linebreaks?

  1. Require HTML. Bad because it confuses people... the common case is for people to want linebreaks to show up in the result.
  2. Always insert <br/> tags for linebreaks. Bad because it breaks stuff like newlines in bullet lists¹.
  3. Add a “preformatted” checkbox like the rest of LJ. Bad because (I think) we don’t have the infrastructure for properties on properties. It also feels needlessly complicated.
  4. Try to do something intelligent based on whether they used <p> tags. Bad because trying to be intelligent usually breaks in some way.

I like #4, but only because I don’t know its limitations.

(Update: also, the bio on the userinfo page is the comparable form we already have, which appears to do #2.)

(Update 2: er, it doesn’t appear to allow HTML anyway, so I guess that answers itself.)

1 This is a bug, really, but there are other cases where someone may not want LJ’s autoformatting.
  • evan

(no subject)

After many false starts on both S2 problems, I figured out the S2 threading problem Kevin was having and fixed the S2 textarea newlines. I tried to diagnose an S1 problem, assisted Whitaker on his patch, and started work on a memories bug.

Whitaker finished the bounce to mail patch for lj users, changed the duplicate protection on invitations to allow people to resend invitations (to join communities, etc.) that were lost, fixed an abuse form, and took his and Brad’s cars in for maintenance.

Brad’s still at OSCON, and I’m heading back to meet some people there now.