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July 4th, 2003

status report [Jul. 4th, 2003|09:40 am]
LiveJournal Development
Of course, the day after I start writing status reports I forget about it. So this report is for yesterday. Today we’re going to the beach.

  • bradfitz worked on a new friends view algorithm that will offer some features we’ve all been wanting for a while (but I won’t announce it until it works).
  • whitaker worked on a bunch of small projects, including some S2 changes so he can put a new S2 style by xevinx up.
  • evan did the same thing as yesterday. :\

And because some people asked, the boss answers: we could create another community for this, but we already have so many dead/slow communities it probably isn’t worth it. Hopefully, these updates will be an accurate picture of what’s really going on in LJ development.
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Posting via XML-RPC down? Changes? [Jul. 4th, 2003|10:44 am]
LiveJournal Development
Hi, is there something wrong with posting via xml-rpc and/or has something changed?
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