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June 16th, 2003 - LiveJournal Development — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
LiveJournal Development

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June 16th, 2003

Newbie to this community [Jun. 16th, 2003|09:28 am]
LiveJournal Development


It seems that I should put some words here according to the info page of the community. I am a guy from mainland China, who becomes interested in open source projects recently. I donna know whether I could really contribute. But at least I want to know what is going on behind the prosperous lj family. Time to checkout the repository, ciao.
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My first bug report [Jun. 16th, 2003|12:38 pm]
LiveJournal Development


Now this page(you are viewing) looks like this in my browser:

When the user input entry is not long enough(longer than the height of the user picture), this will happen. I think it's because the misuse of CSS. More precisely, I found that it is using 'float' and 'clear' property. Any suggestion to improve?
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A few S2 comments and queries [Jun. 16th, 2003|02:35 pm]
LiveJournal Development


I've had my paid account less than a week, but already I've created one unfinished S1 style and ported it to S2, mainly thanks to lifting much of the layout code from punquin and adapting to suit. It's currently live, but the code's still a bit piecemeal, so any comments or suggestions for improvement would be appreciated. I mostly have crschmidt, asciident and jproulx to thank for helping out so far, so thanks guys!

A couple of things I've encountered (mainly in configuring the UI customisation interface) have made things slightly more difficult; I've had to work around many of them using less ideal methods. Again, alternatives would be appreciated.
  1. There's no way that I can see to group properties in such a way that you can define more than one additional attribute for a given property; for instance, choosing to display an image instead of a title and (once set) defining an image URL and ALT text in the same place.

    My workaround for this has been to create three properties for each defined foreground image, one boolean for enabling/disabling and the other two for the relevant image information. For background images, I've dispensed with the bool in favour of later checking for its defined status, and the ALT text field is used for any additional CSS properties. It's messy, but I haven't implemented the workings for any of them yet.

  2. To my knowledge, the Image class can't yet be used as a property type. It would be fun if it could be, especially grouped with my previous suggestion (minus the width and height attributes, which I assume it generates automatically), as it already has all the required properties.

  3. My counter code is currently hard-coded into print_sidebar(). While this is undeniably A Bad Thing, I can't see any way of defining it or any other reasonable chunk of HTML through the customisation UI, as the string text fields are way too short. What I'd like to see is a new memo construct or something similar, which takes a <textarea> as its input. Has this already been discussed and/or shot down?

  4. Moving onto code stuff, currently the only way I know of distinguishing a comment from an entry in my ReplyPage (so I can say "Reply to this entry" or "Reply to this comment" where appropriate) is to compare the permalink_url attributes of $.entry and $.replyto. I'm sure there's a cleaner way than my way.

  5. As you can see here, many user pictures are showing up as the community picture. Scratch that. timwi informs me it's a bug which is already fixed in CVS. My bad.

  6. One of the things I'd like to incorporate in future is a summary view of all 75 most recent entries (is this restriction lifted in S2, by the way?), similar to badfritz's implementation, as a kind of "sub-view" of the main Recent and Friends views. Would it be possible to catch a mode=sum argument in the URL, for instance, and act on it accordingly?

  7. Finally, I'd like to be able to directly link to some friends groups in lay_sidebar_navigation(), the list of which would be an array, initially defined in a string with a comma-separated list of group names. Is this even possible?
I haven't fully experimented with the output of all the available views beyond the three main journal views and my EntryPage and ReplyPage views, so that's all I can think of for now. I'd love some feedback on the issues I've highlighted so far, though.
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