June 11th, 2003


Support Issues

I am having some issues with the support area on InsaneJournal, I just updated code this morning, and ever since, it's been broken. What I am seeing is that whenever I go into a support request, all I can do is comment in it. Where I woudl normally get my dropdown box that gives me different options (i.e. approve screened answers, internal comment/action, answer, screened answer) all it is showing me is More information. I am pretty sure that my db is up to date, and I double checked all the code with what is in CVS. Anyone got a clue?
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Testing community

If you want to play around with the latest S2 features and S2 bugfixes, check out lj_test. The test server is updated from CVS a few times per day, whenever something important goes in.

We plan to update the main site to the newest code tomorrow night, so please report any last little bugs you want fixed before then.

Problem with mailgate.pl

Okay, I just recently started using mailgate.pl. I had everything working, then I updated the code. Suddenly it started spitting out the following error.

--------------excerpt from my procmail.log file--------------------------------------
From squeaky@squeak.net Wed Jun 11 12:42:50 2003
Subject: Re: test
Folder: /usr/sbin/sendmail @squeak.net 928
Can't coerce array into hash at /home/lj/cgi-bin/supportlib.pl line 294, line 19.

I have searched througout the code and I cant figure out why the line that is spitting the error, is spitting the error. Anyone else have any experience with this?

(no subject)

I'm new to the community, and so-as to become flame bait, I'll just jump in with both feet. There are a couple of smallish issues that I've discovered, and I wanted to either get the official way of handling them, or suggest a little fix.

For early adopter account code generation, right now it seems that /htdocs/invite/gen.bml uses a userid limit to evaluate qualification for the 15 account codes (around line 136)
if ($u->{'userid'} < 15374) {
rather than capability class
if ($u->{'caps'} & 0x04) {

also, for /bin/deleteusers.pl,
line 103 uses
LJ::delete_item2($dbh, $dbcm, $uid, $id, 0, $anum);
but a look at /cgi-bin/ljlib.pl (line 5016-ish shows
my ($dbcm, $jid, $jitemid, $quick, $anum)
as the options that the sub routine takes.

If I need to take my fixes and go elsewhere, or am lacking insight, please don't hesitate to redirect me.