May 27th, 2003


You might've noticed things are faster lately.

You might've also noticed a lot of CVS activity dealing with "memcached".

You might've put the two together. :-)

Yes, we're now running a bunch of memory cache daemons. In the LJ code, we always try to get things first from memory, then go to the database only as a last resort. (and when we do, we put it in memory)

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n00b with introduction, compliments, and ideas

Hey all, new to the dev community on lj, although I've been posting on lj for about a year now. I hope to become at least a bit active here, as much as time permits.

I have really got into S2 in the last week or so and love it. Back in the Appendix B. FAQ of the S2 manual I found a remark in regards to question B.2. which I believe explains the experience I had with learning the S2 language.

"The language is very similar to other languages which geeks are already familiar with. The learning curve isn't too steep."
*chuckles* guess that implies I'm a geek. You all did a very good job in putting S2 together. A toast to the LiveJournal Devs, cheers!

In the S2 manual the description which I liked the best reads like this, "S2 was conceived to remove all limitations and make LiveJournal truly customizable in almost any conceivable way." Well I thought of two of the "almost unconceivable" ways to customize livejournal, but I may just be bringing up dusty old topics. And this may not even be the right venue for this... Collapse )

This is getting too long so I'll end it there. Critics, comments, and questions will be happily responded too.

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