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May 20th, 2003 - LiveJournal Development — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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May 20th, 2003

S2 Cutover? [May. 20th, 2003|08:17 am]
LiveJournal Development


Hey, has LJ.com been cutover to S2?. It appears so as my journal and, from what I can see in the support area, a whole bunch of other users styles have been overriden with a default S2 style. This happened on InsaneJournal when I set $LJ::USERPROP_DEF{'stylesys'} = 2;. I rolled it back cause I haven't had the time to troubleshoot it, but now I see it happening on the LJ main page. I am not sure if this affects users only using a certian style or what (like I said I haven't had time to troubleshoot), but it appears to be creating major annoyances (as most people have no clue about S2). Just figure I woudl post this here since the people in power tend to watch this a little more closely than the support area.
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FAQs unavailable: typo in code? [May. 20th, 2003|12:52 pm]
LiveJournal Development


When I try to access a FAQ, I get this error - [Error: Can't locate object method "seletrow_array" via package "DBI::db" (perhaps you forgot to load "DBI::db"?) at /home/lj/cgi-bin/ljlib.pl line 4512. ]

Typo in new code?

(See also http://zilla.livejournal.org/show_bug.cgi?id=988)
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