May 14th, 2003

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S2 viewer?

I'm working on a program to convert html templates into s2 styles. It's not very far along yet, but not doing too badly either.

The problem is that I can't get a paid lj account immediately, and so I have no way to test the output. Also, I don't want to waste a lot of server resources trying to track down things that don't work if I don't have to. Is there any sort of program that could be used to view the output of a style offline?

Broken Links In Comment Notification Emails

in the last couple weeks i've started occasionally getting comment notificaion emails with broken links. In particular in the links behind reply, see all commentsm or the view thread have a typo where the has two dots between the www and in exactly one of the three links


i was wondering if anyone else had seen this before or whether its just me experiencing this occasional weirdness? and if it has been seen before is there anything zilla'd on it? I tried searching zilla, but I couldn't find anything in zilla that seemed remotely related.
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Mood themes

Now that evan isn't doing the mood theme stuff anymore, I thought I'd volunteer to take over with those: not just adding, but categorizing as well, so that people could more easily find and choose a theme. If there's concern over bandwidth/server load, I would suggest creating a category of paid-user-only mood themes, and dumping all the new ones in there. The images are so tiny that I can't imagine there's much of an issue around disk space.

Yes, this is mostly about letting friends use my nifty wonderful moodtheme *) but also because I think that the more options there are, the better the site is.
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review of blogging apis

A review of Blogging APIs, where LiveJournal gets a nod (rare in talks about weblogs), and even an acknowledgement, and then summarily ignored. (But there is a nice comment from andrewducker in the comments.)

It’s also interesting that, regarding the authorship of the protocols, they write, “LiveJournal doesn’t seem to identify with any particular authors per se.” As an open-source developer myself I can recognize how Brad is careful to keep the project as an entity separate from himself, but making this a bit more clear for the uninitiated might be nice.

I’ve actually looked into supporting some other APIs before, but they only offer subsets of LJ’s functionality, which means any client that supports LJ through a generalized API is needlessly crippled. (However, the metaWeblog conception of uploading a “media object” could nicely hook into