May 7th, 2003


If you're looking for a project:

JavaScript subject icons

Also, somebody should start working on a new super-simple style system on top of S2 that's more S1-like. Basically, make something where users can just do:


And it outputs a Page::print() for them with a $this->print_body() inserted for %%body%%.

And maybe some template items for other common things, but those could be later.

(somebody want to file a Zilla item for this?)
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I've just discovered that LJ strips ASCII and hexedecimal entities from atributes and replaces them with their plain text equivelent.
For example, <tag attr="&#102;&#x6f;&#111;">text</tag> would be replaced by <tag attr="foo">text</tag>

This is rather obscure, what was the reasoning behind it? It's perfectly legal HTML-wise.
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