April 23rd, 2003


This community is now moderated.

All known/frequent posters will be given the "unmoderated posting" flag after their first post.

If a post gets rejected it'll be emailed back to you so you won't lose it and will be able to post it somewhere else if it was better suited in a different community.

What's everybody's thought on this?

I can see both sides:

People will hate it: censorship! change! not open!

People will love it: less noise... only on-topic, intelligent posts...

But let's try it out a while... we need to usability test the community moderation code. (functionally it works, but we always improve things after using them for weeks ourselves....)

S2 compiler online

whitaker ported over FotoBilder's S2 management tools and added some useful improvements.

You can now create/edit/delete your own S2 layers:


Once you've made the layers, go back to the normal customize area to select them.

Better docs are coming, but there's a fair bit already up, including the Public Layers browser, where you can see how everything works by example.

Paid accounts only, or it'll work for free on your own LJ installation.

I see zach beat me to the announcement. Feel free to post fun examples of things you're working on.

All questions welcome, however stupid they may seem! (We need to know what people are thinking to lead our documentation....)
livejournal work

S2 Progress

S2 has been poking its head out of the bushes for a while, but now there is a set of web tools for layer development. (announced here)

You can use these tools to create new layers and generally experiment with S2. I'll be updating the S2 docs soon, but first there needs to be a way to take a set of layers and merge them into a "style." This is my next project.

So within a couple of days there should be a web tool in the Advanced Customization that you can use to create styles out of your layers.

But now, in the words of brad "Less post, more code." :-)

S2 Bug?

I'd Zilla this, but I figured I'd get it checked out first by someone who might know:

Attempted to use "alternate" function in S2 style. called using this line:

var string color = alternate("#253B28", "#001000");

Layer compiled, however, when viewing friends page I get 'Error running style: Died in S2::run_code running FriendsPage::print(): Undefined subroutine &S2::Builtin::alternate called at /home/lj/cgi-bin/LJ/S2.pm line 1053."

Am I using this function wrong, or is this a bug?
  • timwi

Poll results

Is there any particular reason why, when a poll's results with the red bars are shown, the individual answers are enclosed in a <p>? I don't think it's always been that way; when and why was it changed? Am I the only one who thinks that this is horribly spaced-out and needs to be contracted again?