April 18th, 2003

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XColibur: customize -- S1 style editing

I currently have XColibur chosen as my scheme through setscheme.bml.

If I want to edit a style, the link is nowhere to be found. Yes, I do know the address to the edit style page, but this has got to be confusing for users that don't know how to get to it otherwise.

No matter where I click I cannot find a link to edit.bml. I do eventually find the link to create.bml, but that takes clicking on manage->customize->modify journal. And even then, it's located on the bottom of the page.

Perhaps someone should change /customize/ to show links to create.bml and edit.bml, or just a link to /styles/, whenever a user has S1 selected.

ps: Yes, I renamed. Formerly jackola :-)
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Not sure if this is warranted for Zilla

I have privs over at Deadjournal and a request came in concerning friends mood icons not showing up for certain users (here).

The user is using the S2 Generator style and upon examining the source code I found that the problem is with S2, and not just Deadjournal's version (thought maybe we were behind on an update or two but it is the same on Livejournal). The S2 Generator style formats the mood icons like so:

<img src='SRC' width='WIDTH' height='HEIGHT' align='absmiddle'>

I'm not sure why single quotes were used instead of a regular quotation mark (") for that except that maybe it was a programming issue (or maybe it was just not noticed?). The problem is... when a moodset has an abreviation in its name for possession (such as "blue_meep's_jellies") then it cuts the source of the image off early and the browser doesn't in turn show the image. Maybe you didn't plan on abreviations being used in the moodset names, but if it were changed to a regular quotation mark then this problem wouldn't exist.

I don't know much about S2 and how hard this would be to change (it seems like it would be pretty easy to change actually) so I didn't know if I should submit a bug report to zilla since it seems like all brad (or another programmer) would have to do is change it and then everyone can update on CVS.

Does this warrant getting its own bug report or can someone upstairs change it real quick without anyone noticing? ;)

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I've noticed recently a number of journals with apostrophes in the username have started displaying the character entity rather than the apostrophe because the ampersand is getting escaped twice somehow.

eg. on one person's journal on my friends list the journal title reads.... Dana&#39;s House of Pancakes' Journal
because the source code looked like this: Dana&amp;#39;s House of Pancakes&#39; Journal

Is reporting it as a new bug in zilla in the best approach when one finds a minor bug like this? It's possible it *might* be related to this zilla entry but I'm really not sure if those two cases have entirely separate causes or are actually related to each other.