April 16th, 2003

bazaar update

I closed bazaar session 1, considering votes only for things before April 1st, and opened up bazaar session 2.

Sorry for the extreme lag. I didn't have my scripts fully done when the last bazaar was supposed to close and got sucked into a bunch of other stuff.

I spent quite some time getting the scripts doing the stats right tonight, but I haven't dealt with the money side of things yet. (which is actually easy in comparison... just disregard employees and scale. people eligible for payment will be getting emails.)

I figure future sessions will be two months long, but maybe shorter. (this one will stop at the end of May, I'd imagine.)

Remember to list your contributions!

BTW, I haven't decided on the base amount for session 2 yet... or if there will be one. I might just make some tools to make it easier to add pot money from the voting scripts or something, so that way there will be lots of small amounts instead of one big arbitrary one.
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"The Dreaded synsuck wide character bug"

The fix linked below seems to have a problem. The if statement that was added skips over my installation. If if take the statement out, it works fine for me. I may have missed something, but why use "$] < 5.007"? I thought the problem was specific to Digest:MD5. I'm using Perl 5.8 and Digest:MD5 2.20.


EDIT: Actually, I spoke too soon. I am now getting this error: "Wide character in subroutine entry at /home/lj/cgi-bin/ljprotocol.pl line 654." Line 654 of cgi-bin/ljprotocol.pl contains " my $dupsig = Digest::MD5::md5_hex(join('', map { $req->{$_} }"...

Xcolibur now works in Safari v73

I'm not entirely sure that this is the right place for this, but I can't think of anywhere more appropriate. Feel free to delete this if there's a better place for it.

The Xcolibur LJ uberstyle renders just fine in the newest Safari public beta build (v73). It didn't render in previous builds (oh, and how it didn't...), so someone might want to announce it somewhere, or at least put it on the list for the next Xcolibur announcement.
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