April 6th, 2003

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  • mart

What does LATER mean?

I've long been a little confused over the use of the resolution LATER on LJ Zilla. People seem to use it to say “will work on this later”, but it would seem to me that by marking it RESOLVED you are actually making it less likely that it will ever be fixed since it won't show up in a pending issues query. (Well, not in mine anyway, since I consider RESOLVED as not pending)

Case in point is bug 807, one of many I wasn't sure whether to resolve LATER or not. Avva has now resolved it LATER for me, but I'm unsure that his assertion about LATER meaning “maybe sometime later we'll figure a way to make it work”. That would seem to be what all open bugs that noone is working on signify, as people are yet to start to fix them. Should every unclaimed bug be resolved LATER after noone fixes it in a week? I don't think that's going to work.

So what does LATER mean? I'm thinking it's pointless, since simply leaving the bug open means “solve this at some point in the future”.

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'need-docs' Keyword

I've added a new keyword to zilla named 'need-docs', which should be applied on items that will affect server and/or user documentation but aren't listed under any documentation components.