April 3rd, 2003

New Beginnings

Friends of Friends View query....

Just wondering. When the FriendsFriends view was introduced, I asked about filtering options over at support, and was told that the code for it had been reviewed and committed and awaiting implementation.

Has it been implemented yet?

My fingers are getting very itchy for filtering filtering my friendsfriends view at the moment. Please don't tell me I'll have to wait long.
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  • sungo

honk. and a new 'feature'

hi there. i'm sungo. i work for a large isp doing perl stuff. but enough about me :)

i just created a public style to give paid users an rss feed of their friends list.


edit that url appropriately; toss it into your favorite rss aggregator; and off you go. it will give you full journal entries and currents and images and all that.

be warned: it doesnt do protected entries (lack of authentication the www request) and it doesnt seem to want to use filters. i'll be poking at those problems here as i go.

also, you have to be a paid user to apply a random style to your journal.

enjoy. let me know if you have problems, suggestions, etc etc.
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