March 26th, 2003


Info Requested

Ok, I would hope someone can answer these.

First, why isn't Rio Rancho recognized as it's own city? Rio Rancho is growing big, and it kind of irks me that my profile auto-updates my location to Albuquerque. I'm guessing, someone would have to implement Rio Rancho as being recognized?

Second, if you have made a friend's group post, and you delete the GROUP. What happens to the post? Does it become purged, private, or just kind of...lost in Cyber space?
(I would assume it becomes private, but I don't like assuming.)

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Some perl help.

I didn't know where to post cause the LJ_Perl community was really really dead....

I added a modification to LJ codebase. I didn't want to implement Invite codes but i did want them to have to enter some type of randomly generated code that way people with these scripts can't go and register 400 accounts in a matter of a few hours. I made the code show up as an image using GD that way they couldn't copy and paste it. :) haha i thought of it all. Well it works great but for some reason it doesn't keep a set static length of characters. It's completly random. sometimes 3 characters sometime the 8 that i want. i mean i guess it doesnt' matter much but i think it would be nice if it did make it more standard.

This is the Gen code i have...
sub create_code {
my $rcode;
my $_rand;

my $rcode_length = $_[0];
if (!$rcode_length) {
$rcode_length = 8;

my @chars = split(" ",
"A B C D E F G H J K L M N P Q R S T U X Y Z
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9");


for (my $i=0; $i <= $rcode_length ;$i++) {
$_rand = int(rand 67);
$rcode .= $chars[$_rand];
return $rcode;

anyone who is good with perl can you tell me what i'm doing wrong?

i call it using LJ::create_code(8)

but no luck... see for yourself just keep hitting refresh you will see the random size of it.

Thanks in advanced.