March 24th, 2003

perl 5.8

Anybody running LiveJournal with Perl 5.8? Any problems?

I haven't even tried yet.

I'd love to require Perl 5.8, given all its Unicode capabilities, but that's too harsh of a dependency. So for now I'd like to just have it work on either, but take advantage of the Unicode stuff if you're using 5.8.

Um... Hi.

I'm still a relative newbie to LJ, and brand spankin' new at this CVS thing (though I can manage somewhat thanks to comments on this post), but hopefully I can find a way to be of some use.

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I swear I remember seeing an answer to this somewhere, but I can't find it now, so I'll ask: Are there defined channels one must go through before creating and submitting a patch, or do we just hope nobody else was working on the same thing? Obviously, one should check zilla first and file a new bug if applicable, but in the case of meta-bugs (732) and specific files (edit_do.bml) which aren't mentioned anywhere on the bug page, is there some(one|where) to check with or can we just whip up a patch and submit it?

Just out of curiosity, can anyone tell me why the Perl code in some bml _code blocks outputs a mix of bml/html code? Is there some major benefit to having the abstraction of things like <?h1 [text] h1?>? Is it for consistency with the rest of the bml page? Is it because nobody ever created an equivalent BML::doFunkyBlockThingy('h1', '[text]') function so parsing the return value of a _code block could be avoided?

Anyway, now that I've stumbled in and announced myself I'm going to bed so I can dink with code while halfway coherent. =D
bradfitz just posted - now it's going to look like I rudely bumped his entry down. Sorry Brad! ::hopes the Master of All That is LiveJournal doesn't smite him::

Update: Thank y'all for being patient with me on the rather silly BML question. :)

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