March 15th, 2003

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Hi I'm fairly new to LJ as I'm sure you all will check and see. I have a couple friends who use it so I've been lookin around on the site for over a year now but I am still learning alot about LJ. I think its really cool how its opensource and uses a CVS and all that fun stuff. Although I don't know much C or C++ I am willing to learn it if someone is willing to help if I have questions and such. I also know some PHP but I'm willing to learn whatever languages are necessary. I also have a Mac no windows cuz its kinda unstable, plus I love how OSX has a freeBSD core. Any other questions send me an IM or email or comment or somemthign
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intro and question

Hi, all. As I haven't posted here before, a quick word of intro, but then we move quickly on to the meat of my post. I'm a B.Eng. (Electrical) currently working as a Research Assistant at McGill University. One of my main hats is coder, another main one is Lab Admin (make sure all the people in the lab have what they need to get the work done and that communication is flowing properly), and lesser hats (for now) are: idea-woman, documenter, and designer. I've years of experience coding in C/C/C++ (and my brain is suitably warped in response), and plunged into the deep end of Perl and Perl/Tk in January.

As far as contributing to LJ goes, I don't see being able to do much actual coding for now, as I'm pretty involved in work, and have other open source projects I'd like to accomplish before putting significant chunks of time into LJ. In the meantime, if there's a short enough fix that lies in areas I feel competent to handle, I'll definitely send in patches.

Now, on to the real purpose behind my posting here. I have skimmed the server documentation available through links, and haven't come across the answer to my questions.

  • Are developers expected to set up their own LJ server, apply their changes there, and then send their patches in?
  • Are developers expected to test their changes by playing around with their browser or with clients? Are there no test scripts which will simulate various user activities, preferably placed in a test harness?

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Removing showscreened=1

Currently, if there are screened comments on a post of yours, then you view the comments, the screened ones don't show up unless you go into the &showscreened=1 mode.

The initial motivation behind this was:

1) we don't even want the potentially annoying/offensive comments to bug the owner.

2) it should be easy to tell screened posts from non-screened.

However, I've been increasingly hating the showscreened=1 mode and I want to remove it. Justification:

1) it doesn't avoid annoying the owner: they probably still got mailed.

2) we want people to delete or unscreen stuff. things sitting screened and never looked at just wastes disk space.

3) A couple weeks back I changed screened comments to show with a gray bar, instead of the normal blue or light blue. This makes them stand out easily.

4) Eliminates the extra hassle and server load from people having to click "0 comments", then screened comments, before unscreening.

So, unless there are very good arguments for keeping it, I plan to remove it soon.

Thoughts? (either way)