March 3rd, 2003

  • zach

(no subject)

I thought I'd post this here before I submit a patch to Zilla for this one, just to see what everybody thinks of this..

Currently at /customize/, switching to S1 will direct you to /modify.bml to customize your journal, so I whipped something up that'll put all the S1 stuff in /customize/ instead.

So, if your journal uses S1, instead of seeing "The old style system is configured through the Modify Journal page.", you will see the style select boxes, the color scheme boxes, and the overrides box all at /customize/.

I've already got this working, and have a patch ready to submit with changes to /customize/index.bml, but I'd like to hear what everybody's opinions are about something like this, and any benefits/drawbacks anybody sees in this idea. Thanks.

S1 Optimization Patch

I just finished a patch which doubles the speed of S1. Because almost all the site's traffic is S1 code, this patch should really make a noticeable difference.

But.... I've worked on this all night without sleep, so I'm not going to put it live. I'd be asleep for the first 12+ hours of bug reports. :-)

So, please test:


-- making styles
-- editing styles
-- using system colors
-- using your own colors
-- all views
-- all stupid S1 tricks

Everything should work exactly as before (except faster). Any deviation is a bug.