February 11th, 2003

  • timwi


First of all, a great thanks to Brad for going through Zilla and looking at everything with the 'patch' and 'reviewed' keywords both attached.

I guess it's our (the developers') responsibility to return the favour now and review those that have 'patch' but not 'reviewed'. I have just reanimated my own dev server, so I will join the party tomorrow. (Too tired now :))

In particular, I would like to have the following patches of my own reviewed:

Thanks in advance! :)
  • timwi

Implementation Suggestion: Security levels

At the moment, security levels are a mess. There are so many userprops regulating the security of various informations on the User Info page, and every one of them works differently than the other. The DB table 'log' has a mechanism of its own, 'memorable' has yet another.

Now, I know that we don't want to change 'log' because it's huge. But that's okay. We can live with this one exception.

For everything else, I propose we create a new table:

- userid
- itemtype (char? string?)
- itemid
- security (private, custom, friends only, registered users only, public)
- allowmask (for custom only)

Where "itemtype" can be:
- Location
- Birthdate (day and month)
- Birthyear
- Actual e-mail address
- @lj.com e-mail address
- Y!ID
- MSN Username
- Jabber handle
- Friend-of list
- Member-of list
- Posting access list
- [sometime-in-the-future-to-exist] Watched-by list
- Paid time expiry date
- Cluster you're on
[Up to here, for all of these, itemid is blank (NULL)]
- memory (itemid = memid)
- todo-list item (itemid = todoid)
- whatever other features we can think of

Then get rid of all the security-related options on editinfo.bml and make a new page: securities.bml (perhaps edit/securities.bml?). This page will have a nice structured uncluttered well-aligned list of all these options (well, just those without itemids of course) with copies of the same drop-down box next to them: Private, Custom, Friends-only, Registered-only, Public. If Custom is selected in any of them, clicking "Save Changes" brings you to a new page where you can click checkboxes for each of the options you custom'ed.

The same mechanism could be used for permissions:

Who can comment in your journal? Private = nobody; Public = anybody; etc. Just call the entries in the drop-down boxes something else.

Whose comments are screened automatically? Will internally become: Who is allowed to comment unscreened? "Registered users only", then, would mean: Anonymous comments are screened. For example.


I would definitely like to participate in this; in particular, I would like to create the new "Edit Securities" page.

Bazaar Begins

Bazaar Session #1 is now active. I arbitrarily put $1,500 in the pot, but I can increase it at any time.

The following bugs will all make the pot increase, either this month, or in future months:

Zilla items with growpot keyword

So, this is how things work:

-- find a project you want to work on (either to something that interests you, or something marked growpot above)
-- get a patch, get it reviewed, get it committed
-- when things make it into CVS, file a contribution that you did it.
-- make sure other people know of your contribution (perhaps reply in the zilla item with your "ack my contribution" URL)
-- voters ack your contribution, and weight them against others made so far in the month
-- at the end of the month, magic math (not yet committed) runs, and everybody with votes towards items of theirs get voting power for next month (and optionally a piece of the pot, if you're not me or lisa....)

Things will be confusing for a while, but it should be more obvious to everybody when the next session starts and you can use the voting tools.
  • daveb


Hi, I'm (obviously) Dave. I just joined the community a few days ago.

I'm currently working on a degree in Computer Science. I'm finishing up my AS this year and will move on to University of Texas to work on my Bachelors degree.

I doubt I could be much help assisting in development at this time. My programming experience is pretty limited and I have very little exposure in the computer field outside of the classes I've had so far. I can somewhat manage in C, C++, and Java. It would be nice to be able to follow along sometime and observe- although I'm not entirely sure how this could be done!

Anyway, just wanted to say hello!