February 9th, 2003

Konnichiwa, minna! Watashi wa Hashiba Touma desu.

Okay.. I was told to introduce myself.. so here I am!
I'm not Japanese.. I'm just trying (in vain) to teach myself the language, so just ignore my subject line, 'kay?

I was hoping to join just to help with ideas and stuff.. I don't do coding, or at least not as much. I just hoped to help out, with any luck I'll be able to. ^_^

Anyways.. yeah. I'm the anime fan, the computer geek... whatever you wanna call me. Nice to meet you all!

So.. thanks for listening to this short little ramble. ^_^

Ja ne,
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    Anything Japanese ^__^

Zilla to CVS, Bazaar

As lisa gets up to speed with sysadmin stuff and I get more free time to get back to programming, I'm making a real effort to keep the "patch + reviewed" Zilla items to zero. Even if I don't put everything in CVS, I'll at least be replying saying what I don't like about things, and removing the reviewed keyword.

The other day I brought the count down to just one. If from now on anything is "patch + reviewed" for more than a workday or two and I haven't committed it or commented why, feel free to bug me about it via email until I do.

Once I'm done with the Bazaar I'll be spending even more time in Zilla.

The Bazaar is pretty much done. All the parts necessary to launch are done, so it'll probably go live tomorrow. Only things remaining are some admin tools, and deciding how much money to throw into the first month's pot.