February 5th, 2003

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How does one install a mood in the snapshot - I've copied images into a directory I created at /img/mood/littlegent then ran makemoodindex.pl - but nothing particularly useful resulted except for an index to the images. I restarted the app but the magic didn't happen - no moods :(

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I don't know who is responsible for the style of LJ_dev but I have to let you know that it blows chunks. I'm using IE6 - the divs or whatever just don't populate properly often leaving blank space.

Penny for your thoughts...

If Livejournal.com used CSS2 it would be UBER easy to do site design updates! It wouldn't be that hard to implament either. Rip out all the tables and everything, and just inset the div's, then attach the style sheet. Bam, your done.

W3C Complilent :)


I am here to introduce myself. I am Anthony, a 17 year old programmer in california. I currently am in high school and graduating in June. I joined the community to learn stuff about programming in general, but mostly to learn how to make a client in C++.

Questions? Comments? Just want to talk?
Feel free to drop me a line.

I'm out, check ya later.


Ok, I know how to program sockets, and all that stuff. Where can I find the protocol for making a client in C++? Like, what type of info should I be sending the server, or should I be sending it messages of a different sort?

Thanks for any help
I'm out, check ya later.