February 4th, 2003

binary and a cookie to whoever notices
  • xb95

Empty Moods

Well, it seems like one of the web servers is out of sync with the mood data. If you go to the journal update page and click on the mood dropdown, sometimes you'll notice that the one item right below "None, or other" is a blank line. This is only happening sometimes, though, so which is what leads me to believe it's a problem with a single web server/cluster.

I don't know which server it is, since that's not displayed anywhere I can get to, but it is easily reproduceable. It does affect LochJournal 1.1 in that the client ends up sending a blank line as the mood and so LiveJournal happily displays the empty current mood.

While not a high priority, this has been around for a few weeks now and has been rather troublesome. I didn't post this to Zilla because it's not a bug, per se...just more of an out of date cache or something.